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Master Classes

Master classes are special lectures on a given subject, by an expertthree hours long.​
The sessions  take place on the same day, at the same time.
Participants are invited to choose one of the following master classes, (A) or (B).
There are limited number of admissions in each one, by order of enrollment.


Curating with the Environment

The way we imagine, show or tell a story about ourselves and our environment, reveal the relationship between our actions and our culture – i.e.: the way we organize ourselves socially and in relationship to the wider environmental sphere. In this sense, art institutions can become places to imagine together in which we can nurture the purpose of opening paths through which each one of us can develop an existence that goes far beyond an assigned role of consumers of existing resources. Spaces to dwell the comprehension that the environment encompasses what was until recently constituted as two separated realms. Nature and Culture, its conditions and configurations, become embedded in a weave of reciprocity.

What it is to curate an artistic and public program within this large scope of the environmental understanding?   This masterclass will address this large field of work, discussing specific curatorial projects, programs and encounters on the themes of the Anthropocene, Ecological Transition, Earth Regeneration and Indigenous Questions, that were curated in two major venues in Lisbon, Portugal. We will also discuss the role and the potency of artistic practices and discursive curatorial projects in addressing environmental relationships.


Against Nature

In its origin, art is a moment of man’s rebellion against nature, necessity and work. In addition, the human desire to, literal and metaphorically, leave the Earth has characterised many of humanity’s poetic, philosophical and technological constructions. Contrary (or not?) to these primitive human drives, since around the 1970s many artists have found their motto in the return to nature and developed artistic programs around the possibility of an ecological art. In this masterclass, through a set of authors (with different disciplinary origins such as painting, sculpture, cinema, poetry), we will explore how poetic gestures can be, against nature and, at the same time, ecological.

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