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Special Events

Talk with VERA MANTERO (choreographer)

Performance Screening: O Limpo e o Sujo (The Clean and the Dirty)

(July 8 – 6.30pm)

Credit: TUNA

Vera Mantero studied classical dance until 18 years old and danced in the Gulbenkian Ballet (Lisbon) between 1984 and 1989. She started choreographing in 1987, and since 1991 has been presenting her work all over Europe, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, South Korea and the USA.  She teaches regularly composition and improvisation in Portugal and abroad.
Since 2000 she has also been exploring vocal work and co-creating experimental music projects.
She represented Portugal at the 26th São Paulo Art Biennial 2004 together with the sculptor Rui Chafes with the co-creation “Eating your heart out”.
Her artistic work has been recognized with institutional awards such as the Prémio Almada (Ministry of Culture – 2002) or the Prémio Gulbenkian Arte for her career as creator and performer (2009).

Talk with ALICE BONNOT (curator)

(July 11 – 3.30pm)

Credit: Stewart Bywater

Alice Bonnot is an independent curator, art consultant and guest speaker interested in the development of sustainable contemporary practices with a drive towards eco solutions. She teaches the short course ‘Sustainable Exhibition Management’ at Central Saint Martins College, London.

She is the co-founding director of Picnic, an exhibition space occupying a long vitrine in the Aylesham Centre in Peckham, London, and the founding director of the Zone d’Utopie Temporaire (Z.U.T.) residency programme, a nomadic annual residency addressing the notion of Utopia as a vehicle for artistic and critical comment.

Alice Bonnot holds an MA in Arts Management from Paris-Dauphine University and a BA in Global Business from DCU, in Dublin and CESEM, in Reims. 

She lives and works between Lisbon and London.

Organized by Ekaterina Smirnova (The Lisbon Consortium)

Chaired by Adriana Martins (Universidade Católica Portuguesa

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